WNBA’s Golden State Valkyries have arrived with one of the best color schemes in sports

The WNBA’s newest expansion team in the Bay Area unveiled their name and colors on Tuesday morning and it’s already one of the best looks in all of pro sports. The Golden State Valkyries will begin competing in 2025 and released their first hype video.

Instead of simply working off a variant of their local NBA team, the Valkyries will rock black and purple as their primary colors — with a logo that both evokes the Golden Gate Bridge, but also the wings of a Valkyrie and the shape of a sword.


This is all so perfect because with the Warriors and Valkyries in the same city you have consistent theming — but it also allows for a lot of individuality between both organizations. Hailing from Norse mythology, Valkyrie are female figures, routinely depicted as warriors, who ferry the souls of the dead to Valhalla.

This whole concept and execution is absolute perfection.

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