Zach Wilson sacked himself with an ambitious spin move in Jets-Patriots

The New York Jets are once again Zach Wilson’s football team. Aaron Rodgers’ season-ending injury during the Jets’ first drive of the year has tampered expectations around the team, but it has raised the level of unintentional comedy. Wilson, the former No. 2 overall draft pick, feels like a viral moment waiting to happen on every drive, and not in a good way.

It didn’t take long for a Zach Wilson Signature Moment to happen during New York’s Week 3 game against the Patriots. During the first half, Wilson dropped back to pass, spun around a few times in the pocket, and sacked himself. You can’t make it this easy against the Patriots’ defense.

I’ll cut Wilson a little bit of slack because Matthew Judon was coming, but he has to try to do something to get rid of the ball in that situation. The Jets offense is totally lifeless so far, with Wilson on pace to have well under 100 yards passing midway through the game.

The Jets mortgaged their future on Rodgers so that Zach Wilson lowlights wouldn’t be a thing this year, yet here we are. It’s only Week 3.

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